Organized lists of stuff that I think is cool.


Library with fruits, vegetables, and herbs growing out of the shelves.

Inspired by Gwern's blog, I want to make a place online for links that I think are awesome. If I'm successful in building this digital garden, then it'll be opinionated, weird, and disorganized. Maybe this isn't a digital garden at all. Anything too polished would be more stock than flow, and might burden me with the appearance of agreeing with the content that these links lead to. Rather, these pieces of information are targets for synthesis.


I've switched from Midjourney to ChatGPT for generating my header images. So far, I'm a little disappointed with how tame they are. They feel more design-by-committee rather than the zany and unorthodox monstrosities that sail out of Midjourney. For example, the image for this post looks more like a misplaced farmer's market than a library of ideas. I would've preferred something like this.

A digitally rendered bookworm in a library.